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Make A Difference
Become a partner in helping to eradicate cancer by allowing us to continue our laboratory research to understand tumor progression and how cancer spreads throughout the body. Make a gift to the Honn lab - Bioacitve Lipids Research Program - whether in the form of a check donation, online donation, securities, a bequest in your will, or a trust that you establish – and you become a partner in our mission to end this deadly disease.

If you wish to make a donation by mail, please print out our Donation Form and mail it to the WSU address noted on the bottom of the form. Donations may be made online using a credit card by visiting WSU Giving.

For donations specifically for the Honn lab - Bioactive Lipids Research Program - please use the "add to other designation or notes about the gift"field - The gift funds are in support of the prostate, breast and ovarian cancer research efforts in the lab of Dr. Kenneth V. Honn, account # 221350.


Memorial/Tribute Gifts
If your contribution is a memorial or tribute gift, please provide us with a typed or printed note, stating your name and address as the donor along with the name and address of who should receive an acknowledgment. Wayne State University sends all donors a receipt for their tax-deductible gift and we will mail an acknowledgment of the donation to whomever you wish as soon as possible.

We are grateful for your support !!