Pending Research Projects

The A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Fund at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Matching Support-contingent on OVPR funding 2012-2013 - $50,000

Role of 12-HETER1, a high-affinity receptor of 12(S)-HETE, in prostate cancer progression
R01 (PI: K.V. Honn) 12/1/12 – 11/30/17 1.2 Calendar months- $3.17 million

Multimodal Method for In-Situ Characterization of Cells Utilizing and Integrating NSOM, Raman-
AFM and Cell Capturing System

R01 (CoI: K.V. Honn, PI: G. Auner) 10/1/12 – 9/30/15 1.2 Calendar months - $3.75 million

Transformation of Novel and Emerging Technology for the Diagnosis and Treatment of
Ovarian Cancer

W81XWH-11-OCRP-TIA (CoI: K.V.Honn; PI: G. Auner) 2013-2018 - $2.5 million
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund - Program Project Development Grant

Use of Theranostic Biomarkers with Raman Spectroscopy for Surgical Guidance and

(CoI: K.V. Honn; PI: A. Munkarah) 2013-2016 - $300,000/year
Strategic Research Initiative Grant (SRIG) – Karmanos Cancer Institute
(CoI: K.V.Honn; PI: R. Ali-Fehmi) 2012-2013 - RFA#KCI-2012-1 - $50,000

15-LOX1/2 as a novel Putative Tumor Suppressor and Potential Prognostic and Therapeutic
Marker in Ovarian Cancer

Lipoxygenase-Regulated Signature of Inflammation Pathways in Prostate Tumor Progression
PI: Honn, Kenneth - 8/9/12 (Application) - $570,000 (direct & indirects)
A novel therapeutic utility of prostate tumor: antagonizing the 12(S)-HETE receptor by a natural eicosanoid 13(S)-HODE
PI: Honn, Kenneth - 8/9/12 (Application) - $570,000 (direct & indirects)
PC120864 : Role of 12-HETER1, a newly identified 12(S)-HETE receptor, in Prostate Cancer Radioresistance.
PI: Honn, Kenneth - 8/9/12 (Application) - $564,858 (direct & indirects)
Use of a Novel Clinical Biomarker, 12HETER1, for Diagnosis, Targeted Therapy, and Surgical Guidance
PI: Honn, Kenneth - 8/9/12 (Application) - $570,000 (direct & indirects)
Rheostat of pro and anti-inflammatory lipid receptor expression as novel biomarker for histological and Raman characterization of ovarian carcinoma
PI:  Honn, Kenneth - 7/18/12 (Application) - $250,000 (direct)

12-HETER1, a High Affinity receptor of 12(S)-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acid (HETE): A Novel Prognostic Biomarker of Prostate Tumor.  
Co-PI. Honn, Kenneth - $375,000 (direct cost)